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Why Audi A8L Is the Perfect Luxury Car for the Indian Plutocrats?

A real accomplishment of design and engineering, the new Audi A8L, the automaker’s flagship model offers an uncompromised experience in terms of fine luxury and performance. Evaluating its plutocratic flagship from the driver’s seat is worth the experience and certainly something very special, especially when the brand is reputed for luxury and advanced technology. By the end of your test drive, you will realize why this luxury car is the perfect choice for the Indian plutocrats.

Every Bit of the Posh A8L Spells Lavishness

What would a plutocrat want in his luxury car? Lavishness, comfort and technology in every corner! And that’s exactly what the new A8L spells out. Spruced to an impressive point with leather, wood, and faux suede and loaded fully with technology for the tech geeks, it offers everything that a high-end luxury car has to.

Rear seat or front seat, there’s no bad place to sit, particularly with the Luxury Package. The fascia’s coherent design sweeps across the dashboard and the doors – certainly a work of pride for the manufacturer!
A glance at the exterior would notify you that this car encompasses the distinctive design cues of Audi with timeless but simplistic lines apt for those who prefer finesse. ‘Cultivated Style’ is the right phrase to differentiate this elite sedan from the others in the luxury market.

The interior as well as exterior aesthetics are evidently subjective, but the German automaker has been leading the class in this aspect for quite a long time now.

The Integrated Alternative-Fuel Power-Train Is Highly Fuel Efficient

Usually, big luxury cars come with big engines that are thirsty for fuel, but things are a little different with Audi’s A8L as it comes equipped with an alternative-fuel power-train. Having led the diesel technology in cars, the German automakers have contributed engines with significant fuel economy gains. The turbocharged diesel V-6 engine is capable of yielding 24/36/28 mpg in city/highways/combined, which is 27% more than that of the base engine.

If you don’t want to tick the diesel box, you have the choice of supercharged 3.0L V6 engine (19/29/22 mpg), which is a decent figure for such a big car. Alternatively, you could also opt for the turbocharged 4.0L V8, but with that the mileage falls slightly to 18/29/22 mpg. But still, these numbers are quite impressive for a car this heavy and big.

A Smooth and Relaxed Driving Experience

A drive in A8L is a very smooth one for sure with highly effective sound insulation, while coping up well with spirited driving. With incredible refinement, excellent mileage, and astonishingly good performance, the whole experience is relaxing with its air suspension and massaging seats. The transmission shift is so smooth and quick that it’ll leave you wondering in surprise as to how such smooth shifts are possible.

To summarise the experience, it would be something like driving in a high-tech, fast, big luxury spa on wheels!
The new Audi A8L spells luxury with a commanding presence, unsurpassed accommodation, and impeccable design, making it perfect for the Indian plutocrats! It’s the most ideal example of how big packages come with the best things.

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