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Audi A8L

A real accomplishment of design and engineering, the new Audi A8L, the automaker’s flagship model offers an uncompromised experience in terms of fine luxury and performance. Evaluating its plutocratic flagship from the driver’s seat is worth the experience and certainly something very special, especially when the brand is reputed for luxury and advanced technology. By the end of your test drive, you will realize why this luxury car is the perfect choice for the Indian plutocrats.

Every Bit of the Posh A8L Spells Lavishness

What would a plutocrat want in his luxury car? Lavishness, comfort and technology in every corner! And that’s exactly what the new A8L spells out. Spruced to an impressive point with leather, wood, and faux suede and loaded fully with technology for the tech geeks, it offers everything that a high-end luxury car has to.

Rear seat or front seat, there’s no bad place to sit, particularly with [...]

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