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audi q3 price in india

The new Audi Q3 is agile, powerful, easy to manoeuvre, and yet spacious inside.

It’s efficient, expressive, and meant for the young blood, which craves for luxury and power at a relatively affordable price.

Addition of subtle design features like LED headlights, chrome-plated tailpipe, and 3D grille makes the new Audi Q3 even more eye-catching, and the fact that Audi Q3 price in India starts at just Rs 28.99 lakh onward (ex-showroom), makes it a really enticing bet in the entry-level luxury SUV segment.


Audi TT Coupe

The all new TT Coupe is priced at a very competitive Rs 60.34 Lakh. The latest upgraded version is engineered for extra power. One look at the vehicle shows how it perfectly blends dynamic aesthetics along with new technologies and very inspiring performance. The new TT mates the classic TT DNA with the iconic Audi Sports model.

The interiors has a futuristic theme as the cabin comes brushed with aluminium inlays. The sports seats are finely stitched with leather and the virtual cockpit is truly sporty and symbolizes sophistication and progressiveness. The vehicle encompasses just the right recipe for young and dynamic car buyers in India.

Check out this enticing new Audi TT Coupe image gallery presented below.

Audi Q5

Audi Q5 is a pleasing family SUV in every way, combining a compliant chassis with all-weather ability and adequate utility. It sports unparalleled craftsmanship and unrivalled style, forming a category of its own and is the right choice of family sport ute.

This compact crossover is higher and larger than a hatchback, but easier to park and more fuel efficient than a bigger SUV. This unique blend is what really appeals to most of the shoppers looking for an ideal family SUV, including those seeking a more premium auto experience. Q5 is more like an A4 sedan with higher centre of gravity, more utility space, and a gauge of off-road ability. It’s a real multi-tasker offering handling, cargo, and luxury at the same time.

The Stunning Interior Appeals to Families

The roomy interior and vast boot space makes Q5 ideal for families. Audi has always been known for its beautifully designed interiors and [...]

Audi A8L

A real accomplishment of design and engineering, the new Audi A8L, the automaker’s flagship model offers an uncompromised experience in terms of fine luxury and performance. Evaluating its plutocratic flagship from the driver’s seat is worth the experience and certainly something very special, especially when the brand is reputed for luxury and advanced technology. By the end of your test drive, you will realize why this luxury car is the perfect choice for the Indian plutocrats.

Every Bit of the Posh A8L Spells Lavishness

What would a plutocrat want in his luxury car? Lavishness, comfort and technology in every corner! And that’s exactly what the new A8L spells out. Spruced to an impressive point with leather, wood, and faux suede and loaded fully with technology for the tech geeks, it offers everything that a high-end luxury car has to.

Rear seat or front seat, there’s no bad place to sit, particularly with [...]

Audi TT

Launching the TT coupe as a concept car in the mid-1990s, Audi realized right away that it had a game-changer in its casket and the German automaker was all set to take the covers off the production edition just a few years down the lane!

This small coupe entered a segment that was almost desolate and served as a statement of the brand’s commitment to precision and design engineering. Ever since, generation after generation and edition after edition, it has established the credentials of the German brand in the world of design like no other luxury car. What sets it apart from the other luxury cars is quite evident the moment you go for a drive in the TT coupe! For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to experience the drive, here’s a quick note of what makes this German coupe different from the other luxury cars in the [...]

New A6

One of the favourite cars since time immemorial is our beloved Audi A6 and with excellent technical advancements, driving dynamics and an exquisite interior.

It is one of the best creations of the German Company. Whether it is carving up corners or cruising highways, A6 excels in everything. Its interior is so extraordinary that even automakers like Jaguar should examine it. One of the finest and best cabins in the automobile industry is found in this luxury sedan. A wide range of accessories and equipments are available to be chosen from, when you buy A6.

Here are some of the enticingly beautiful Audi A6 images.


A4 Exterior

Audi A4 flaunts interiors that are luxurious, roomy and has an essence of sophistication too. The sedan’s cabin keeps getting smoother due to the leather surfaces and soft materials.

The ambient lighting offers a premium feeling in the cabin, which turns out to be quite appealing and calm. The car has leather upholstered seats, which add to the overall divine look.

A LCD is mounted on top of the super trendy yet classy instrument panel, which holds a sleek wooden trim. Apart from the information on audio, the LCD located in between the speedometer and tachometer displays details about navigation too.

Check the gallery for the latest images.


2015 A4

Audi A4 is an exotic car with a redefined class.

It’s not the newest, most advanced or up to date addition to its class, but still packs an enormous punch to its competitors. The powertrain is admirable and the handling is quite stable.

The images below feature the Audi A4 car with pointy edges. The headlights are elongated and the taillights are squinty, giving the new A4 a cat-like look. The side mirrors are chiselled and angular than before, adding to the cat look.

Check out the following images for a more in-depth look at new Audi A4.



Audi A4 holds a commendable road presence.

The car’s front end is highly muscular and along with the four stylish overlapping rings (Audi’s emblem) it flaunts appealing bi-xenon headlamps, which adds to the overall beauty. It has got extra width due to the well-flared wheels. The rear comes with wrap-around tail lights. The luxurious sedan stands out from the rest for its amazing and unique design and finishes.

Coming to the comfort, A4 extends not even a bit less than the highest level of luxury. The 5 seater super-stylish sedan offers great comfort to the occupants.

Scroll down to check out its great looks in this exclusive compilation of Audi A4 images.


A3 Sedan

The entry-level luxury sedan named Audi A3 is available in 4 trims- Premium, Premium Plus, Attraction, and Technology. This is the first luxury diesel variant to be sold in India.

Despite being the most inexpensive variant in the Indian market, Audi A3 sedan comes with luxury bells and it looks just amazing with LED daytime running lamps and bi-xenon headlamps.

Successor to A3 hatch, this sedan model aims to deliver buyers more compact alternative to the new A4. Those looking to trim their fuel budget can opt for diesel burning A3 Turbo.

Here are some pictures of this sporty looking and range-topping A3.


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